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  Peel And Stick Q/C Tiger Oak Veneers - 1/64
Peel And Stick Q/C Tiger Oak Veneers - 1/64" Paper Backed & 3/64" Wood Backed
These peel and stick Q\C Tiger Oak Veneers are available here in the 1/64" paper backed veneers and the 3/64" thick 2 ply wood backed veneers.

The 3/64" thick 2 ply wood backed peel and stick Tiger Oak is sturdier and more stable. The extra thickness helps to eliminate any telegraphing of defects that may be present in your substrate.

Please note: Exact thickness of the 3/64" veneer is .040"

Sizes: 24" x 48", 24" x 96", 48" x 48", 48" x 96" (Click the drop down box below.)

Just peel off the release paper and stick this veneer down to any clean, dust free surface.  Note:  Bare wood surfaces should be finished with 2 or 3 coats of paint or varnish before applying these pressure sensitive veneers.

The best Tiger Oak veneer comes from a small percentage of the best logs. Even the choicest logs yield only limited amounts. Tiger oak, once easily obtained from the old growth timbers, is now rare.

We take extraordinary pains to sort, select and choose our Tiger Oak veneers from the best parts of the best logs. .

The Tiger Oak veneers listed here are guaranteed to be genuine Q/C (quarter cut) Tiger Oak veneer. But due to the variability of the Q/C Tiger Oak characteristics, not all of our inventory will exhibit the most coveted flake and tiger stripe grains.

NOTE: If you have a particular need or require a guarantee of the heavy flake and tiger stripe patterns, I can usually hunt through my stock to satisfy your requirements. There is an extra charge for this service. Do not hesitate to call me to discuss what you require. I answer my own phone, so feel free to call me at any time. There is no obligation. Bob Morgan 502 265 0954

Q/C Peel And Stick Tiger Oak Veneer

Q/C Peel And Stick Tiger Oak Veneer



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