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  Hot Melt Glue Sheet
Hot Melt Glue Sheet
This hot melt glue sheet is easy to use and if you make a mistake you can re-heat the area that you are working on and re-position the veneer!

Here's how to use the glue sheet:  Place the glue sheet, glue side down, on the surface to be veneered.  Apply heat from an iron ("Cotton" setting) to the release paper side of the sheet.  Work in 8" x 8" areas.  Remove the iron from the heated area and apply pressure using a J roller or wallpaper seam roller as the 8" x 8" area cools. For best results the roller should be no wider than 2" wide.  1" wide is even better.  Repeat the process for the entire surface, always working in areas no larger than 8" x 8".

When the glue sheet is glued in place, peel off the release paper and place the veneer in posiiton, repeating the process.  Glue sheets can be overlapped for irregular areas. 

Recommended usage: Flexible veneers - any size area;    2 Ply veneers- not recommended;        All other veneers - areas no larger than 18" x 18" or 12" by any length.

The glue sheet comes 24" wide by any length that you specify.  It is sold  by the lineal foot.  You can cut the glue sheet with a razor knife or scissors.

Note:  Veneer does not come attached to the glue sheet.  Order the veneer separately.

24" wide hot melt glue sheet: $3.25/LF  
Save 20%:  30 LF  or more $2.60/LF 

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